Key West: Raising the Bar

Key West 24hr Fitness is a heavyweight gym


It’s that time of year when holiday indulgence and New Year’s resolutions go hand in hand. What tops the list alongside losing the holiday bulge? Going back to the gym. The newest local choice is the modern, tech-savvy Key West 24hr. Fitness Center at 725 Caroline St. that rivals any big-city gym. Incredibly spacious and clean, KW24hr has gained a lot of loyal local and tourist business in the past year with amenities galore.

Yes, they are open 24 hours 7 days a week, even on holidays, a rare but useful option for many residents who work odd hours and need more flexibility (yes, people really do work out at 2 a.m.). Conveniently located in the heart of Old Town, with parking, the biggest draw is the state-of-the-art equipment. KW24 went all out with cardio equipment that has True TVs consoles which offer Direct TV, Bluetooth, internet and virtual workouts. There is free Wifi for customers as well. The locker rooms have marble tile with showers and a steam room. While offering a full schedule of classes, virtual classes are shown on a projector whenever there is not a class in session, to accommodate busy schedules. Memberships range from daily, weekly or monthly and include one free personal training session.

“What sets us apart from other gyms most is we take the time to know our members so that we can help you reach your fitness goals,” said Kristina Petree. With accredited instructors who offer personal straining and studio classes, there is always someone on hand to help.

Most commonly asked question: “How do I get rid of this?” (Think muffin top.) Spot reduction isn’t the answer,” said Petree. “Changing your diet is 80 percent of how to get rid of belly fat. The other 20 percent is various different types of strength exercises and cardio-based intervals that will help you lose body fat all over and maintain lean muscle.” Other common mistakes are lifting too much weight, using improper form and never changing the routine. And remember to warm up; it decreases chances of injury.

“I wanted everything to be the best and up to date” said owner John Lepowski “Coupled with the nicest staff, we now have a clientele that really makes the gym great.” Check out Key West 24hr. Fitness Center at 725 Caroline St. or at


Remember: Cell phone use is acceptable for listening to music or tracking workouts, but talking or texting while you are on the treadmill or sitting on a bench while people are waiting is a major violation of gym etiquette. Step outside to chat!

Do’s of the gym

Wipe down your equipment

Re-rack your weights

Use the weight clamps

Let people “work in” between your sets

Hydrate during your workout

Don’ts of the gym

Don’t throw or drop the weights

Don’t claim four different pieces of equipment

Don’t leave a mess for others to clean up

Don’t be afraid of trying new things

Don’t talk on the cell phone, step outside



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