A one-legged boat captain, firearms instructor, author, motivational speaker and former Iraq security contractor boards a boat with three other Key Westers and heads for the Bermuda Triangle. It sounds like either the opening of a Clive Cussler novel, or the start of a joke, and Capt. Chuck Meier would be right at home in either.

But in this case, Meier is joined on the boat by another Key West captain, a former Army rescue 

diver and an engineer. Those four are the Key West-based cast of characters who star in the new Discovery Science television show, “The Curse of the Bermuda Triangle,” which airs at 10 p.m. Sundays. The premiere episode aired Feb. 9, with seven more still to come.

Ashton Pienaar - Bermuda Triangle
Moe Mottice, Chuck Meier, Mike Still and Dave Cziko walking up a reef.

The four castmates — Capt. Chuck Meier, who lost his leg while working as a private security contractor in Iraq, Capt. Paul “Moe” Mottice, rescue diver Dave Cziko and first mate/engineer Mike Still — spent two months filming, diving, researching and investigating inexplicable phenomena that occurred in and around the area of the ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle.

Manufacturing - Profession
Moe Mottice and Chuck Meier listen to a local expert regarding The Vanishing Witchcraft

The Bermuda Triangle is home to some of the most fascinating unsolved mysteries on Earth,” states the show’s synopsis. ”This remote territory in the Atlantic Ocean has been the subject of notoriety and legend as countless ships, planes and human lives have been lost in its waters. Its reputation for odd disappearances and bizarre incidents has spawned decades of conspiracy theories as experts search for any understanding. Now, a team of savvy boat captains and experienced divers seeks to unravel some of the biggest secrets surrounding the Bermuda Triangle in an all new Science Channel series.

“With dozens of years of experience at sea among them, the members of the Triangle Research and Investigation Group, or TRIG team, are led by long time captain and former Coast Guardsman Paul ‘Moe’ Mottice. By his side is first mate engineer Mike Still, who has logged thousands of hours in the Triangle, and worked side by side with Captain Moe for years. They are joined by former Navy rescue diver, sheriff’s deputy and military contractor Chuck Meier, who takes the lead in the investigations on ground and underwater; and expert rescue diver and former Army cavalry scout Dave Cziko, who together explore the depths of the ocean floor for clues and evidence.”

Motor vehicle - Car
Moe Mottice driving the boat

In each episode, the team investigates a particular mystery and attempts to determine whether the stories are pure coincidence or if there’s an explanation for it, either scientific or supernatural.

In upcoming episodes, the TRIG team investigates an assortment of alleged UFO activity within the Bermuda Triangle, the disappearance of the 23-foot “unsinkable” luxury yacht, The Witchcraft, and its two passengers in 1967, and an unusually high concentration of USO (underwater submerged object) sightings that point to yet another theory about the Lost City of Atlantis.

The show airs at 10 p.m. Sundays on Discovery Science.

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