The Islamorada Hemp Co. storefront was recently painted by Keef Paints. CONTRIBUTED

“When we hear customers say, ‘This works so well for me,’ it’s always a delight,” said Patti Lindback, co-founder and co-owner of Islamorada Hemp Co.

To mention only the business’ healing products wouldn’t do the store justice, as it is beautifully curated and has a friendly and highly educated staff.

Brian and Patti Lindback (also top-ranked real estate agents on the Lindback Team with Berkshire Hathaway) had the idea to open Islamorada Hemp Co. and rent the free-standing store location that his grandma, Marlene Lindback, owns. After getting married in May 2021, their store opened on Aug. 1 —  they recently celebrated two anniversaries.

Brian Lindback was born and raised in the Keys as a second-generation Conch. Patti Lindback is from Davie but has come down to the Keys her whole life to spend time with her grandparents. 

Their grandmas were friends and having cocktails one night at the Islamorada Fishing Club when Brian Lindback walked in the door. Patti Lindback’s grandma said, “Oh, he’s going to be my grandson someday.” 

Lindback used to go meet with his grandma for drinks, so Patti Lindback’s grandma said, “You’ve got to meet this guy.” So they finally met and hit it off.

“After we had the idea to open a CBD store, we have a good friend who knew CBD products. He helped us with how to set up the store and what are the best quality products to buy.” Patti Lindback said.

They spend a lot of time hand-picking their products and also do the trial and error, so they take the guesswork out for you and eliminate confusion on what to buy. They are also more focused on cannabis versus being a smoke shop. A smoke shop is more focused on accessories and nicotine, i.e., vape products.

“I didn’t realize how much CBD helps until we went to the conference to learn before we opened the shop. My mom’s knees and back were hurting her. The topical samples she tried really helped her. Initially, she was scared, but it took away the pain and amazed me,” said Brian Lindback.

There are 113 cannabinoids; the more cannabinoids are put together, the more effective the product. Due to government regulations, they can’t promote various benefits because of medical claims. The government is catching up, but not there yet with the claims. In Florida, for all products, you have to be 21 years old to purchase.

“All of our products have a QR code which takes you to a third-party lab testing page. They test for things such as pesticides and molds; you can see the reports versus gas station products typically made overseas. Gas station products aren’t tested, so there will be inconsistencies,” said Patti Lindback.

“However, with pet products, we can say they help with anxiety, neurological issues, storms, fireworks and traveling. So, instead of Xanax, you can give your pets a natural product like CBD. A good example is if you have an older dog that doesn’t like to play fetch any more, isn’t wagging its tail, or doesn’t want treats, the CBD treats and drops have helped revive them. Hearing those kinds of stories where it helps people makes me feel good,” Brian Lindback said.

The store has a very loyal local clientele, catering to their needs as much as possible — offering a 10% local discount. You don’t need a medical card for any of their products, which helps tourists who can’t use their out-of-state cards. Seventy percent of their customers come back two to three times a month.

Islamorada Hemp Co. founders and owners Patti and Brian Lindback. CONTRIBUTED

“All cannabis is trial-and-error for both pets and humans,” Patti said. “Start low and build up and consult with your doctor if you are worried about something. It may take about an hour to kick in, but everyone’s body is different.

“You cannot overdose on cannabis. You may feel funny or loopy, but you won’t overdose.” Lindback added.

Islamorada Hemp Co. offers a top-notch selection of brands at an affordable price. The Lindbacks shared some of their best sellers.

“Topicals and lotions, CBD lotions, and massage oil are best for everyday pain relief by using topically on your skin. Delta 8 Roll On Crème is a best seller that has THC in it and CBD,” Patti said. 

CBG and CBD can be together with or without THC. However, some people are not open to THC or have to get drug tested, so they prefer products without THC.

“We also have various options in gummies, flowers and oral oil tinctures. Gummies are very popular and are recommended for sleep time; taking a half to three-quarters of a gummy is said to help you sleep through the night,” Patti said. 

In addition to the CBD product categories many people are familiar with, they also carry Delta 8 Seltzer drinks (D8). Delta 8 is a no-sugar, no-carbs hemp-infused beverage that replaces having a glass of wine and comes in delicious flavors such as mango, lime, berry and watermelon.

They enjoy curating other related gift items such as glass pieces, vape products, “Fish for Holly” heart hook bracelets, beautiful rolling storage trays, logo T-shirts, Islamorada Cigar Companies cigars and more.

“We cater to a sophisticated client who appreciates a simple, clean, curated shopping environment that provides exceptional expert product education, so you feel your best,” the Lindbacks said. Islamorada Hemp Co. is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. More information is at

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