We at Keys Weekly want to honor the men and women serving in our local military installations. With help and advice from our community members in the armed forces, we’re proud to present our Military Spotlight.

MK3 Brandon Steffen

Machinery Technician, USCG

Why did you join the military? To see the country and assist in a lifesaving service.

How many years have you been in the military? Two and a half years, so far.

Had you ever been to the Florida Keys or Key West before your current assignment?  Yes, with friends.

Did you choose Key West or were you assigned here? I chose Key West from MK “A” School.

What were your first thoughts when hearing you were coming to the Keys? I was extremely happy and looking forward to living in the area.

Hobbies?  Fishing, hunting, kite-boarding and spearfishing.

Favorite things to do? When the weather is calm I prefer taking my boat out fishing or spearfishing. If it’s windy I definitely prefer kite-boarding.

Have you ever attended Fantasy Fest and if so what were your initial thoughts?  I have. A friend and I also participated in the 2019 Zombie Bike Ride and really enjoyed it.

What do you like most about the Keys? It’s a flats fisherman’s paradise and offers many other fun water and ocean activities due to the clear water.

What do you like most about your assignment?  It gives me the opportunity to help save the lives of people who enjoy being on the water as much as I do.

What would you change about living here in Key West if you had the power to do so? I would  definitely decrease the traffic during peak tourist season.

Any advice to give other military seeking assignment here? Good sunglasses!

What do you like most about living here?  I love the convenience of being able to launch my boat in waters that offer all kinds of fishing, diving and sandbar opportunities that are accessible in less than five minutes.

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