Kids’ play is just magic!

Stanley Switlik to students to perform May 9-10

Proud landmark now a shambles - A group of people standing in a room - Ceremony
With the magic lamp in the foreground, Genie (Chloe Migut) and Aladdin (Benito Lopez) work the quick repartee for the laughs.

It’s a special group of kids taking the stage next week for a performance of “Aladdin.” First of all, they are already know their lines by heart. And, second, they bring so much heart to their performances.

“I get chills,” said co-director Michele Licause. “They bring so much passion, and every week they surprise me with something new.”

Directed by Jack Louden, with the help of Licause and her co-director Stacie Gonzalez, the show is coming together as easily as rubbing a magic lamp.

“The music came very easily to them; they know all the songs already,” said Louden, referencing the popular Disney movie.

The show stars Haley Price as Jasmine, Benito Lopez as Aladdin and Chloe Migut as Genie. Price, about as high as a short grasshopper, has an amazing voice and perky personality to suit Jasmine. Migut shines as the smart-talking Genie who makes it all happen. And Lopez is swept along on the tide of dancing, singing and one-line zingers, sharing the stage with an adorably placid Sultan (David Ornelas), and the evil twins Jafar (Dakota Coleman) and Iago (Addison Collins).

“We have a very talented group,” Louden said. “We will definitely have a production next year, but it may take place on the high school stage due to construction.”

The public is invited to see “Aladdin” in the Stanley Switlik School “Café” on Wednesday and Thursday, May 9-10. Curtain is at 6:30 p.m. and admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students. Refreshments will be sold as well.

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