Lance Berry paints Key West - A group of different types of food - Wyland Gallery of the Florida Keys
His roosters embody Key West. “They look like they are up to no good and have been out way too late,” he said.

The naturally creative Lance Berry knew he wanted to paint when he was growing up, but it wasn’t until five years ago that he actually started.

Since then, he has been in a whirlwind of creativity.

“I’m literally living the starving artist dream, using my paintbrush to make my own dreams,” he said.

Now a City of Key West street artist, he paints at Southernmost Point and at Mallory Square’s sunset celebration. He is also an art consultant at Wyland Gallery. “I always looked up to Wyland and to be working in his gallery is a great starting place.”

He moved to Key West on April Fools Day on a whim. He painted a mural in Melbourne, Florida which funded his move to Key West, bringing his story full circle. “Last time I visited Key West, I was given an art set that I have used for years, that sparked my love for painting,” he said. “Now, I’m in Key West, which is even more colorful and vibrant. It’s a natural fit.”

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