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Capt. Jack Carlson, center, shows off a fish for the camera crew. CONTRIBUTED

Two Conchs Sport Fishing TV show is on the air, broadcast on the Sportsman Channel.

“I was up this morning watching it,” said Capt. Jack Carlson of Two Conchs charter empire. The second episode of the first season is one of his favorites, he said. It features a client who pulled an all-nighter in Key West and then suffered the “ill effects” of a day of strenuous fishing. 

“It’s hysterical. That’s the kind of stuff that happens in real life,” Carlson said, laughing. And that’s the premise of Two Conchs Sport Fishing TV show — a REAL day of fishing in the Florida Keys. “This is not a show where we spend four or five days filming to get the picture-perfect moment. We go out there and we get what we get.”

The show showcases the crew of 10 local captains on 10 boats (all Yellowfins ranging up to 39 feet), including Carlson’s sons Austin, J.C., and Tucker. It also features Marathon prominently.

Throughout the show, they’ll be providing their clients with the best guided fishing experiences, catching some of the most exotic fish the Keys have to offer. When they’re not out on the boat with a client, they’ll be dealing with their usual day-to-day fishing company needs and participating in fishing events throughout the island.

— Two Conchs Sport Fishing TV show synopsis.


“I think this benefits all of Marathon. After watching the show, people are definitely going to want to visit and that’s good for everyone,” he said.

Already, Carlson said he’s noticed a buzz. The shirt he wore in the first episode — an OnBoard Bandit — is already selling in the Two Conchs online shop (twoconchsgear.com). And there’s been a slight uptick in bookings. 

The show airs on the Sportsman Channel on Tuesday at 5 a.m., Wednesday at 11 a.m., Saturday at 5:30 a.m. and Sunday at 7:30 a.m. The 10 episodes of Season 1 will run through June before airing on the World Fishing Network from July to December. Carlson said the crew will start shooting Season 2 sometime in June.

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