From Key West to Key Largo, the Florida Keys will host some of the most aspiring and accomplished songwriters in the month of May with two incredible festivals. And to celebrate, the Keys Weekly is honoring some of our own in a series of interviews with local, legendary artists such as Paul Cotton, C.W.Colt, Adrienne Z, John Bartus and more.

This week we profile Adrienne Z., who will be a big part of the Key Largo Original Music Festival this weekend (see for the schedule). Her sounds are grounded in influences such as James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchel and Crosby Stills Nash. Adrienne has been writing, singing and collaborating on original music in the Florida Keys since the ’90s.


Name: Adrienne Zolondick (stage name: Adrienne Z).

Written: Over 200 songs, 4 solo albums and two band albums (Aye and Injade)

From: Wilmington, MA

BMI member: Since early ’90s

Performs at: My New Joint, Boondocks, Blue Macaw, Gas Monkey, Postcard Inn, and Havana Jacks.

Finish these sentences….

I prefer songs … with really good melodies. I mostly write alone but have written with many people over the years and write melodies and words to their music. It is super fun for me.

My most successful song … at the moment I think my song “Blue Day” is the most popular song from my recent album “Chameleons.” It’s an intense tune. I think a lot of people relate to that feeling of being overwhelmed with sadness. The melody and chords together have a haunting and mesmerizing sound to it.

My most meaningful song … is perhaps a song on my third solo record called “Private Wars.” It was inspired after I watched the movie “Born on the Fourth of July.” My jaw was in a dropped position a good part of that movie. I was pretty sheltered as a child so it hit me hard to see and learn what really happened in Vietnam.

My most recent song … is a tune with Gary Woods called “Louie’s Backyard.” I wrote the melody to his lyrics.

I write songs … because I love to.

People once said … I sounded like Stevie Nicks, Ricki Lee Jones, Joni Mitchel, and now I sound like Jewel, Sheryl Crow and Norah Jones. What about when I sing my songs? Curious about that one.

I can tell when a song is honest … when I am moved inside.

I once cried … when I hurt my wrist while packing up my gear.

A song can … take you back to a place in time.

I never had … that ability some musicians have to be —  as Gene Simmons says of himself — “a shameless self promoter,” though I’m changing that.

I remember listening to … “Dog and Butterfly” [Heart] and I just had to learn how to play it just like the record.

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