The Keys Weekly took the time to interview arguably the most important people in Key West — the concierges. A concierge is, of course, a hotel associate whose job is to assist guests by arranging tours, making theater and restaurant reservations. But in reality, their duty is much more serious — they help Keys visitors find the experience they are looking for, or didn’t know they were looking for. In short, they are influencers, business builders and king-makers. This week, the Keys Weekly salutes the concierges of Key West.

Quick profile:

Lee, 45, is from Pittsburg, and has been in the Keys for six years. He has a dog named Daisy and his dream vacation is to watch the Pittsburg Pirates in the World Series.

What would you recommend if someone wanted to:


Start with the Fury ride Commotion on the Ocean then head to Sloppy Joe’s and finally the Green Parrot.

Meet men/women?

Meet women at Teasers and men at 801 Bourbon. (Neither likely to generate a long-term relationships.)

Quiet dinner for two?

Pisces Seafood Restaurant

Catch the big game?

My spot is Shanna Key.

Best tourist attraction?

Kayak mangrove tour at Lazy Dogs.

Must try?

Try cracked conch at Conch Republic Seafood.

Best place to take the kids?

The Key West Aquarium. It kept my two and a half year old occupied so I know it is great for kids.

Best place to recover?

Go to Pepe’s and get some food in your body.

Best beach?

Fort Zach because it has the best sand, shells and there is a lot to do.

Best way to spend time on the water?

Find a friend with a boat or rent one yourself.

Most outlandish request you have ever received?

Someone asked me to rent a boat to visit Cuba. A lot of outlandish requests end with “Just make it happen.”

What do you know that Tripadvisor doesn’t know?

People in Key West are really intelligent. Servers, hospitality workers and bartenders often have college degrees and a high I.Q. but they give up the corporate world to live in paradise.

Key West’s best-kept secret?

Salute on the Beach. They have great food and pie and it is typically a local spot.

Best advice you’ve given someone at 3 a.m.?

Go to bed! Nothing good happens after 3 a.m.!

What is more fun, Spring Break or Fantasy Fest?

Fantasy Fest because there is more to see.

What is the most annoying question someone can ask a concierge?

What’s a place only locals know about? There are not many secrets and most businesses cater to tourists.

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