Drummer David Baron of the Durtbags joins band member and owner Adam Sikora at the debut of MacDooBBQ at the Key West Farmer’s Market. CONTRIBUTED

By Jen Alexander

MacDooBBQ, a new barbecue food truck at the weekly farmer’s market at Truman Waterfront,  has been sending out smoke signals that are wafting throughout the Keys. On Thursdays from 2 to 7 p.m., Adam Sikora, owner of MacDooBBQ, shares his love of all things barbecue with the residents and visitors. Traditional USDA prime brisket, antibiotic-free chicken, and specialities such as spare ribs and pulled pork are the staples.

Sikora is the lead singer of the Key West rock band the Durtbags that plays Wednesdays through Sundays at Durty Harry’s Bar in Key West. But music clearly isn’t his only talent. Sikora is now taking his love of BBQ to a different level. 

“I’ve always loved cooking, especially barbecueing,” Sikora said. “When I was young my uncle Jack used to cook chicken legs on a real charcoal grill. I couldn’t wait to dig my teeth into that smoky meat. The smells are what got me every time. I’m pretty sure that is where my love of cooking and the passion for barbecue seed was planted.”

Sikora used to barbecue in the back yard with his family during trips to Michigan, where he would ask to flip the meat, sneaking a few bites here and there. In 2019, he bought his first Treager grill, the industry’s top-selling wood pellet grill and smoker for cooking meats. 

“I was so excited to buy a Traeger because I’ve wanted one ever since I was about 8,” Sikora  recalled. “These types of grills use natural hardwood pellets to create consistency when cooking and tend to give the meat a rich, smoky flavor. They are the industry’s best, so of course I wanted one.” 

Adam Sikora, owner of MacDooBBQ and lead singer of the Durtbags, performs in Key West. RALPH DE PALMA/Soul of Key West

Before his shows, Sikora would cook at home on the Traeger, perfecting his recipes. He would then announce food pop-ups on Facebook once a month in Key West selling his delicious meals. He sold out every time he advertised his BBQ plates. The pop-ups became such a success he knew he needed to pursue this venture further.

Enter MacDooBBQ.

“I started cooking and barbecueing twice a week at home,” says Sikora. “It was basically trial and error using various recipes, rubs and sauces until I got it right.”

According to the website, MacDooBBQ uses premium cuts of all meats to ensure customers get the finest of all antibiotic-free and sustainably farmed cuts. All the pork comes from Cheshire pork of Heritage Farms, North Carolina, which prides itself in the fact that no antibiotics, steroids, preservatives, artificial ingredients, fillers, flavoring solutions are used and the animals are fed no animal by-products. MacDooBBQ is proud to say they are the only BBQ spot throughout the entire Florida Keys that is serving Cheshire pork. Beef cuts are from USDA prime beef and chicken is free of antibiotics. 

“I think I’ve come up with the perfect barbecue flavor,” says Sikora. “It’s a mix of Texas, Kansas City and North Carolina. All of our sauces and rubs are gluten-free. We don’t need all that extra crap everyone always uses. We just let the meat do the talking.”

Drummer David Baron of the Durtbags joins band member and owner Adam Sikora at the debut of MacDooBBQ at the Key West Farmer’s Market. CONTRIBUTED

Sikora is a licensed food manager and a graduate of the Jack’s Old South BBQ course from the Myron Mixon School of BBQ in Unadilla, Georgia. 

“I’m always looking for ways to reinvent myself,” Sikora said. “Whatever I do, I get immersed in it. I want to be the best at it. This is a testament of how I’ve been my entire life, whether it’s music or health or now with BBQ.”

Sikora and MacDooBBQ food truck will be at the Truman Waterfront on Thursdays starting Oct. 5 from 2 to 7pm. Featured menu items include brisket, pulled pork and spare ribs with side options of collard greens, coleslaw and BBQ rocket man beans. Banana pudding, cornbread and a Big A** cookie top off the dessert menu. 

For more information and menu items, follow MacDooBBQ for future pop-up locations:

Instagram: @macdoobbq



Phone: 321-412-8234

Jen Alexander is a teacher and volleyball coach at Sugarloaf School. She is a lover of travel, adventure, action, home improvement and family. A self-proclaimed "master of none," she is a doer of all and partaker of anything fun and exciting.