It is no real mystery that art often provides a connection among science, geometry and math, history and the humanities. And Ecuadorian artist Favio Caraguay, who currently lives in Marathon with his wife and two daughters, seems to connect them all. 

Caraguay divines connections between the geometry of the natural world and complex philosophical principles few other artists try to interpret on such a deep level. His creations draw on fractal geometry among other disciplines that stem from his education in both fine arts and anthropology. 

He studied at University of Cuenca, Ecuador, where he earned a master’s degree in art. His wife, Tamara, is a college professor who often collaborates with Favio intellectually on both personal and professional levels. Caraguay has been working at his creative endeavors for most of his life and has a body of work that spans the globe. His work has been recognized with the Eduardo Kingman Riofrio Award and he has exhibited around the world — Chicago, Paris, Lima, Venice, Madrid and numerous other cities.

Caraguay’s chosen media include photography, ink drawings, acrylic on canvas, watercolor on board and pencil on paper. In defining himself as an artist, he said, “I carry with me a millennial wisdom that transmits itself through my contemporary artistic expressions.” 


Most of his work ranges from small odd-sized canvases to some works in the three- to four-foot range with pricing from $100 to $500, on average. Caraguay’s designs are often full of vivid chromatic layers and combine geometric shapes as well as one-, two- and three-point perspective concepts into highly detailed and wildly complex designs. His work often includes repetition, reflection, metamorphosis and occasionally even uses tessellations (interlocking positive and negative shapes) in a style that is all its own. 

Even to the untrained eye, many of his creations bring about a sense of awe. Though some of Caraguay’s work echoes that of the famous Dutch mathematician and crystallographer Maurits Cornelis Escher, Favio’s work is original in concept and creation. 

Caraguay’s work is on display at Shady Palm Gallery in Marathon and online at

Shannon Wiley is a native Floridian born in Hialeah, Florida. He's an artist, muralist, graphic designer, teacher and coach. He currently lives in Marathon with his two children. Besides painting, he enjoys all the wonders of the Florida Keys. HIs work is for sale at Guild Hall Gallery in Key West and at Shady Palm Gallery in Marathon.