“I love French wines,” UVA owner and wine sommelier Mark Gambuzza said at a recent tasting at his Fleming Street shop. “My personal favorite is a white burgundy.”

He’s talking about the Moillard Grivot Chablis Premier Cru. “I sell a considerable amount of it,” he said. “Even if you are a predominantly a red wine drinker, this appeals to most because it is crisp, dry, and full bodied.”

It’s the perfect wine to accompany seafood and chicken, but also goes well with cheese and fruit.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, he came down 16 years ago to visit Ft. Lauderdale and took a road trip to Key West and knew this is where he wanted to end up. After owning a restaurant in New Jersey, he knew I didn’t want another one, but loved the wine and wine tastings at his old one. Uva means grapes and he envisioned a place where guests could get together and enjoy good wine.

In addition to his wide selection of wines, he also has an assortment of cheese, the most popular being an Italian provolone and a hard to find popular Spanish triple creme cheese. He also carries wine jams, made locally in Florida, to pair with cheeses.

“I really love the people in Key West,” he said in his heavy Brooklyn accent. “They are awesome, accepting people who really aren’t uptight.”





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