Jerry Dieguez is gonna need a bigger boat. With six kids, one grandchild, and plenty of room left to grow, Dieguez is definitely one of the most special fathers in Marathon.

“I’ve lived in Marathon my whole life — 51 years,” Jerry boasts. “I’ve been here since there was one light which was Sombrero, the town had three cops, and the mosquitoes were so bad they could pick you up and carry you away.”

His wife, Jennifer, said Jerry took to fatherhood like a fish to water. “His whole life is his kids,” she said. Jerry adopted the oldest when she was just three years old and then set his mind to filling the house with more kids. “He waited until he was 38 to become a biological dad, but then there was no stopping him.”

Yep, that’s six kids. And now, one grandchild, too.

He supports them all with his commercial painting business, Superior Exterior. But we get the idea that the work ethic is instilled in his kids. Danielle has started her own business, and Jared, 19, is something of a freelance captain-slash-mate for hire. Taylor has a job at the local pizza parlor. The rest are up-and-comers.

Six, (seven if you count the grandbaby) … well, it’s a big number. But Jerry Dieguez is undoubtedly a big man in all the ways that count, most importantly the eyes of his family.

From his kids.

Michael, 14:
“My dad has taught me so much, always been there for me and always has the best sense of humor, even in the worst of times.”

Jaxson, 2:
No comment at this time.

Danielle, 24:
“Dad will answer my call at any given time, even though he knows I’m most likely going to ask to ‘borrow’ another 20 bucks.”

Jared, 19:
“My father is a comedian. He’s always good for a laugh.”

Taylor, 16:
“I love my dad’s personality. He loves to make us laugh.” (Who is the disciplinarian, the Weekly asked? “Ugh. My mom.”)

Brody, 6:
“My dad is nice. We go fishing. He catches big fish.”

Shane, 10
“He’s always around the house. He’s really nice. He helps us fix our bikes.”

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