#Music: Georgia band coming to Dockside

#Music: Georgia band coming to Dockside - A group of people posing for a photo - Georgia

Born in the North Georgia hills and defying current genre classification, Rolling Nowhere has been described as a “psychedelic junkyard roots band” with a sound that evolves with every show. Their sound combines classic country, old timey folk, blues roots and psychedelic rock ‘n’ Roll. The band has down home, three-part harmonies, a mutual love of songwriting, and a wide array of instrumentation including the “Canjo,” a washboard percussion experiment. One reviewer described it as a “Washboard-type instrument made of various cans and covered in stickers that said, ‘I want whiskey.’” The band also includes musicians playing upright bass, telecaster guitar, drums, dobro, banjo, and mandolin.

In February 2013, Rolling Nowhere released its first full length record “The Simple Life,” earning slews of new fans and toured the Southeast extensively. Rolling Nowhere is currently back to work at Springwood Studio recording their next record due to be released in Fall 2014 (except, of course, for its brief hiatus in the Florida Keys).