By Karri Daley

Jonathan is a musician of many colors. He has a very wide repertoire of musical styles and plays many different instruments.

Jonathan was influenced by his father’s guitar playing at a young age. When he was seven, his father bought him a four-string toy guitar. Jonathan played and played until he broke every string but one.

One day, his father walked in on him wailing away on that one string and decided it was time to get him a real guitar. He sang and played guitar throughout high school and by his senior year he took on percussion and violin.

After graduation, Jonathan played drums for the next 10 years in various cover bands. He also did composition for songwriters and freelance work for TV and film. Eventually he began recording and engineering in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

But over time, Jonathan began to slowly transition back to his first love of singing and playing guitar. In April 2012 he toured down to Key West with his band “Jumper” to play a gig at Sloppy Joe’s. During that time, he took notice of the many local musicians making an ample living and decided to give this lifestyle a try.

Business has boomed for Jonathan, from private parties and weddings to solo gigs and full band moments.  Jon has made a name for himself as a Key West musician. His styles cater to everyone’s likes and he makes it his personal endeavor to play music that can be appreciated by people of all ages. You can currently find Jonathan performing every Wednesday at Two Friends patio from 6-9 p.m.

To find out more, contact Jonathan at or go to

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