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Southern Drawl Band has made serious strides since its conception in May 2011 by lead vocalist and guitarist Mike Nash and drummer Larry Dunsmore. Since then, they’ve added three members, Paul Wray (bass), David Crow (lead guitar) and J.D. Edge (fiddle) to form the band they are today, which has an amplified fan base of 20,000 and counting.

“If Alabama, Charlie Daniels and the Allman Brothers had a baby that grew up on an island, that would be us,” said Nash. Southern Drawl is best described as a melting pot of sound: a little island flair, reggae feel, southern rock and country concoction. Nash recommends to “take it all together, add ice and blend it so smooth” (of course, please consume responsibly*).

While Southern Drawl is known primarily as an original band, they still perform covers, and like to throw in some Eminem from time to time. The band’s music is recognized on a national level, sans the rock star persona and inflated ego that normally ensues. After each show, you’ll find the band members mingling with their crowd.

“I dub us as the ‘Working Man’s Band.’ We’re just down to earth, normal guys, doing what we love to do,” said Nash.

Nash started his professional career like other artists; guitar in hand, chasing a dream on a bar stool. With influences like Jimmy Buffet and Zac Brown Band, it goes without saying that Southern Drawl’s first headliner performance at Margaritaville in Key West was a humbling experience. This week marks the band’s two-year anniversary on tour, which fittingly started in Key West.

Southern Drawl recently performed in Marathon at Dockside Tropical Café on Oct. 22. Catch them take the stage again at Key West’s Schooner Wharf Bar through Saturday, Oct. 25 during Fantasy Fest.

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