by Jason Koler

Eddie Bauer’s catalogue will be out….soon; and when it does Florida Keys residents will recognize the unmistakable scenery when deciding whether to order the Boundary Pack in water, tile blue, snow, canyon clay or black.

This past Saturday, the historic island welcomed a crew from “the outdoor brand that offers signature outerwear; men’s and women’s clothing, gear and accessories; and world-class mountaineering gear.”

The unit consisted of a producer, a couple cameramen, a few assistants and two models. A seaplane and vintage Land Rover were shipped in as props.

“We’re all about marine science, history and education,” said Pigeon Key Executive Director Kelly McKinnon. “But any publicity like this is good for the island, good for the Keys and good for the bridge.”

When asked what made the location so appealing to the catalogue’s producers, McKinnon said, “I am a scientist, not a photographer, but look around here. There is no other place like this on earth!”

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Pigeon Key’s Education Director Ananda Ellis embarrasses the high-priced Eddie Bauer models with her signature pose. In the marine science community, Ellis' revolutionary posture is known as “Constant Coral.”


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