Need a good laugh? It’s a must see

Einstein and Picasso walk into a Parisian bar… It could have happened, but probably didn’t. Nevertheless, this hilarious Red Barn Theatre play illustrates the hilarity that might have ensued. 

Imagine it is 1904, or somewhere around then. A young Albert Einstein, played by Marc Crown, has recently finished his unpublished book and meanders into the wrong bar to see if fate will join him with his love. Between the banter of the “newly old” Gaston and the barkeeps, it is 120 minutes of pure joy to watch “Picasso at the Lapin Agile.” Especially after Pablo Picasso, played by Eric Braojos, wanders into the same bar that fateful night.

Written by funnyman Steve Martin, Red Barn Theatre’s director Joy Hawkins said Martin is a true renaissance man who knows about everything from art to banjos. “I hope he will write more plays,” she said. The audience agrees, treating the cast and crew to standing ovation. It stars Erin McKenna, Mook J, Bob Smith, Lisa Elena Monda, Wayne Dapser, Pony Charvey, and Kaleb Smith-Wood.  

Within the first two minutes of the play, Suzanne, an admirer of Pablo Picasso’s womanizing ways and one-night-stand partner, appears on stage to search for him wearing only a bra. And then comes the payoff: While the two main characters vie for the attention of the beautiful woman and for each other’s respect as shapers of the new world, and the rest of the characters toss in their own funny, whimsical, absurd, goofy (pick one or all) world views, a huge battle of ideas about art, science, lust, and the future of the world erupts, with laughs ranging from a giggle to a gut-busting guffaw.

It’s a must-see for a good laugh this holiday season. Hawkins added that tickets to plays make perfect holiday gifts or, even better, a sponsorship of a chair for $500. “We are going to continue bringing big things to this small space,” she said.


“Picasso” runs through Saturday, Jan. 14 at 319 Duval St. For tickets visit or call 305-296-9911.


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Eric Braojos, as Picasso, and Marc Crow, as Einstein, try to prove to one another that they will be the most influential person of the 20th Century. JOHN BOTKIN/Contributed

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