Find more time for reading, try a new genre, renew your library card, listen to an audiobook, join a book club and most importantly, don’t miss these three fabulous new mysteries coming out in 2022!

Reckless Girls
By Rachel Hawkins

Lux McAllister and super hot Nico appear to be the golden couple. The truth is Lux finds herself frustrated cleaning hotel rooms while Nico spends his days doing odd jobs at the marina. All this work to fix up Susannah, Nico’s sailboat. Life in Hawaii is not exactly what she expected. Meeting sun kissed Nico brightened her life – it was a no brainer to follow him hoping for the start of their own romantic adventure. When two pretty girls hire Nico and his boat for a ridiculous amount of money, it is too good to pass up. A two week stint to Meroe Island will provide enough cash for Nico and Lux to be free. The foursome meet up with Jake and Eliza – a much too beautiful couple sailing a huge catamaran and only too happy to share expensive food, wine and whatever else may follow. They learn this idyllic location has an eerie history filled with murder and tales of cannibalism. By the time another sailor anchors up in the cove, Lux is on edge. Something is not right and her mind begins to unravel. Romance, sailing and mystery…in this modern day Lord of the Flies, no one can be trusted.

The Last House on the Street
By Diane Chamberlain

Kayla and her daughter finally move into their house at the end of the street. The gorgeous home is located against the dark, dense forest. Both architects, Kayla and her late husband designed every inch with thoughtful loving detail. Sadly, a horrific accident took his life months before completion. Kayla is determined to love their home despite the sadness she feels every time she enters the door. A strange woman with bright red hair stops by her office warning Kayla that no one should ever live in that house. Initially brushing it off as an odd nosey neighbor, Kayla soon becomes seriously frightened when her daughter is found alone in the tree house and garbage is strewn on her lawn. She befriends Ellie Hockley, an older woman who moved away long ago. Back home for the first time in decades, Ellie is nursing her brother and mother and she too suggests Kayla will never be happy living on that land. Secrets slowly unravel revealing KKK meetings, a forbidden friendship and violence that can never be forgiven. Narrated through history and the ghosts of justice, this thriller will have you on the edge of your seat.

Beautiful Little Fools
By Jillian Cantor

In August 1922, Jay Gatsby is found dead in his swimming pool. The lead detective refuses to be fooled by three charming suspects. Daisy Buchanan is beautiful, smart and was raised as a proper Southern Belle. Many years ago, Gatsby was her very first love. Now she hides behind her cheating and lying husband Tom Buchanan. Jordan Baker is Daisy’s lifelong best friend and confidant. She has become a golf sensation and is secretly having a love affair with another player on the team. Jordan would do anything for Daisy, but the question is whether she will sacrifice herself for the truth. Catherine McCoy fled to New York City in hopes of starting a brand new life fighting for women’s equal rights and freedoms, both voting and sexual. She must protect her sister from an abusive marriage and will stop at nothing to transform her future. In this reimagining of the literary classic The Great Gatsby, it is the women who finally take center stage. Filled with the swanky jazz age, romance gone wrong and the women’s suffrage movement, Beautiful Little Fools brings every detail back to life. This original delightful  reinvention of our favorite characters is absolutely impossible to put down.

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Karen Newfield is first and foremost a reader, she has reviewed hundreds of books on her blog And, more recently, this new Keys resident has also begun writing.