Pampered spa guests enjoy a private room in quiescence.

Visitors and locals can get everything from a caviar hair treatment and chocolate facial to just a regular haircut at Maricell Salon and Spa on North Roosevelt Blvd. in Key West.

Spa and salon owner Maricell Diaz is a perfectionist and takes pride in being a Kérastase Paris-certified salon, featuring highly trained stylists, chic design and quality equipment and products. Despite all the bells and whistles, Diaz said the most important thing about the salon is how she and her staff make the customer feel.

“It does not matter if you just want a haircut or full body massage, everybody is important and treated like royalty,” said Diaz.

The establishment’s crew are all professionals in their field and most have worked alongside Maricell for many years. Skincare specialist Andrea Kasa customizes different remedies for different skin types, based on the client’s need.

“We do consultations for each client and give them the treatment that is best for their skin. Some people are hypoallergenic and we make custom serums. Olive skin, Latin skin, African skin, Asian skin and Caucasian skin all have different characteristics,” said Kasa. “African and Caucasian skin types tend to be drier than Chinese and Latin skin.”

There salon offers a number of skincare treatments including chemical peel facials, cellulite body treatment, microdermabrasion facials and foot and hand detoxes. Some contain minerals that act like sunblock to protect skin from burning and aging. There is also the chocolate treatment with organic ingredients, a popular skincare therapy that pumps the face and body full of antioxidants.

“We mix oatmeal with the chocolate to scrub the skin and use organic dark cocoa from Dominican Republic,” Kasa said.

One corner of the Maricell Salon and Spa features a machine that looks like a space-age starship. The hydromassage provides fast, effective whole-body treatments in just 10 minutes. Clients go in fully clothed and leave relieved of their aches and pains.

Maricell Salon and Spa stylists are, of course, the backbone of the establishment. They offer upscale salon styling at affordable prices and are versed in all the latest treatments. Popular right now is the caviar hair treatment that leaves the hair strong, supple and shiny and the scalp skin regenerated and smooth. It is actually created in a laboratory to mimic real world caviar without the fishy smell. Diaz said her clients rave about the treatment.

The salon also offers oxygen treatments. The pure gas is believed to reduce stress, increase energy, help with sinus problems and relax the body. The salons other services include waxing, make-up application, manicures, pedicures, ultrasound body treatment and liposuction cavitation.

The salon’s décor also goes a long way to create the right ambiance with stunning art by Bill Mack on the walls, sleek, clean architecture and modern furniture.

Maricell Salon and Spa is open from 9 a.m.- 8:30 p.m. from Monday through Saturday and from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. Sunday at the location at 2786 N. Roosevelt Blvd. Call 305-295-3761 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins also welcome.

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