The City of Marathon will soon begin implementing a fee schedule for non-resident parking at Sombrero Beach and use of the city’s three public boat ramps (the Quay boat ramp, 33rd Street boat ramp and Harbor Drive boat ramp). Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about the new fees.

Is it free for locals?

Yes. Locals can park a vehicle registered in the City of Marathon or Key Colony Beach at the beach, or launch a boat from a trailer registered in Marathon or Key Colony Beach for free. Car and trailer registrations will automatically be added to the system and residents won’t pay to park at the beach or launch at the City’s three boat ramps.

Is it free for homeowners in Marathon and Key Colony Beach? 

Yes, launching and parking are free regardless of whether the property owner lives at the home seasonally or even rents the home for part of the year. HOWEVER, the free parking is only extended to the property owner who has an out-of-town vehicle registered in the same name AND they must apply online at and upload the appropriate documents, or come by City Hall and do the same.

How much do others pay for parking and boat launching?

The boat launch fee is $25 in and $25 out. There is limited trailer parking available at the 33rd Street and Quay boat ramps and the cost is $20 per day. (No overnight parking is allowed and trailers will be towed.) The cost to park at the beach is $5 for each of the first two hours and $2 per hour thereafter.

How much is the fine/ticket? 

The City of Marathon’s system is camera enforced. Failure to pay parking fees at Sombrero Beach will result in a $90 fine sent to the owner of the registered vehicle. Failure to pay boat launch fees at any of the City’s three ramps will result in a $200 fine for the registered owner of the boat trailer. If the ticket is paid within 15 days from the notice, the fine is reduced by 50%.

When will the parking/ launching system go into effect? 

Soon. Signs will be posted at every location to notify users that the system is coming and when it will go live.

What if I own a house here but the deed is recorded in the name of a limited liability company (LLC) or a trust?

Court rulings have established that an LLC or a trust are entities that are not entitled to the same rights as people. Homeowners with property registered to an LLC or trust will not qualify for free parking or launching.