Recently I came across a study, published in, that had some pretty impressive findings. In a nutshell, it stated that an eight-week period of dietary, supplement, sleep and relaxation changes could reverse DNA aging by up to two to three years. That’s not a misprint, following a specific regimen made people two years younger.

A few months back I discussed an article about how sleep, oral hygiene and exercise helped maintain chromosomes so that cells could replicate longer and thus stay alive longer. There are many similarities to this week’s article. Specifically, sleep seven hours and exercise 30 minutes a day, five days a week. I have written a few articles already on sleep, exercise, diet and mental health and how they contribute to a better physical and emotional life. What is new about this study is an actual diet that one can follow to achieve these results.

This study focused on a specific change that occurs in DNA as we age. To keep it short, DNA is made up of four nucleobases — guanine, adenine, cytosine and thymine. These bases are then put into different patterns which are the blueprints for all of our proteins, cell structures, cell signaling, etc. (Have you ever seen the movie “Evolution?” Highly recommended, but really has nothing to do with this article.) Two of the bases, cytosine and adenine, have a tendency to get ‘methylated’ (as opposed to the tendency in the Keys to get ‘ethylated’ — don’t stop me, I’m on a roll). Once methylated, specifically cytosine bases, the changes inhibit genes that prevent tumors and promote inflammatory genes, both of which lead to more age-related diseases.

To see the study, visit and search “Potential reversal of epigenetic age.” Certainly read the study, but specifically look at Table 2 which summarizes the diet and lifestyle changes. 

I can’t guarantee you will get two years younger, and if you do these recommendations for eight  weeks, then go back to an unhealthy lifestyle, you will likely lose any benefits from it. I don’t think that you will get two years younger every eight weeks either. But if you could maintain a slightly healthier you for many more years…Have a great week, and be healthier today than you were yesterday! 

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Dr. John Woltz is a preventative health physician with Baptist Health Primary Care in Marathon.