The Islamorada library is looking for your best shot of life in the Keys

Islamorada Library is hosting an art contest for adults. Called “What’s in Your Camera Roll?”, we challenge locals to document life in the Florida Keys now. We were blown away by the Keys kids’ submissions to us for a contest earlier this summer. Check out their artwork here:

We challenge the adults to step up to the plate and show us what they got! Here are the rules:

***Submit a photo online to Branch Manager Walt Johnson at [email protected].
***The age group is age 18 and up, but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. Please indicate your name, age, contact information, and any description on your submission.
***Your submission can be from your smartphone, Instax, Nikon, etc. But it has to be an image.
***The theme is “Life in the Florida Keys Now.” So obviously, you can address the pandemic, but you don’t have to. It’s whatever that theme means TO YOU.
***Deadline for submission to the above email is October 14, 2020.
***Prize to the winner to be announced at a later date.

Questions? Email Walt at [email protected]

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