Key Largo Chocolates holds delicious classes

Messed up Valentine’s Day? There is still hope for you in the form of locally made chocolates at Key Largo Chocolates.

When Kristie and Bob Thomas’ daughter’s nuptials were on the horizon, Kristie jumped on the opportunity to take a cake-making course for the occasion. “The cake was so beautiful, no one even wanted to cut into it,” said Bob in the back kitchen of Key Largo Chocolates while hosting a chocolate making workshop. Before that, he didn’t know a truffle from a ganache.

Chef David Rodriguez just joined the team, too, with a background in corporate pastry making for big names like Ritz Carlton, the White House, and Whole Foods. While Kristie explained where the cocoa is from and the differences in the percentages of chocolates, Chef David walked the class through three perfectly tasty infused masterpieces – Praline Truffle, White Chocolate Tequila Rose, and Black Forest Truffle. Testing chocolates along the way, the students also brought home a box of goodies for later.

The class went over basics, like ratios, as well as important tips, like not walking away from the milk. “Bubbles in the milk means it’s almost ready, but don’t let it boil,” said Chef David. Taking the temperature too high will separate the chocolate and milk, rather than crystalizing them together.

Bob and Kristie like to host chocolate making classes with at least 12 people, and the cost is around $65 per person and includes wine.

Just in case you need a post-Valentine’s Day treat, Key Largo Chocolates is located at 100470 Overseas Hwy and has a ton of locally made chocolates for choosing. To inquire about chocolate making classes, call 305-453-6613.


On Thursdays, Bob Thomas picks up food for Burton Memorial Food Bank from Publix and Winn Dixie, because his refrigerated truck is certified to carry the cold food to the food bank. “If Bob didn’t do that, it would probably just get thrown away,” said Kate Bauer Jones of United Way of the Florida Keys, who was at the chocolate making class. “They are such good people.”

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Owner Kristie Thomas holds up a tin for forming the truffles. They just finished an order for 5,000 chocolates from Ocean Reef, so their kitchen is always churning out goodies.

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Making chocolates in the Keys is not as easy as (Key Lime) pie. “Humidity is a huge factor,” said Bob Thomas in the humidity controlled refrigerator. “Water and chocolate do not mix.”


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