The Top 10 Obvious Things You Probably Didn’t Notice About ‘Succession’

 - Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin, Brian Cox, Sarah Snook, Alan Ruck sitting on a couch - Jeremy Strong

The hit HBO series “Succession” just concluded its second season and is already leaving viewers and fans foaming at the mouth for a third installment. The show, set primarily in New York City, follows the power-hungry tactics of the Roy family, which circles over their aging father’s imminent vacancy as head of one of the world’s largest media empires. The result is a behind-the-curtain view into the controlling class, while examining the depths of family dynamics when billions of dollars, endless egos and potential power are all up for grabs. And while many have already deemed the dark comedy a masterpiece, we at the Weekly have removed the trees, only to reveal the forest—and offer.

10.It’s a show about why so many people hate white entitlement, and yet white people still can’t get enough of it.


  1. Brian Cox plays a better Rupert Murdoch than Rupert Murdoch, but in “Troy,” not “Succession.”


  1. We can finally change the name of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” to “Connor ‘Cameron Roy: Origins Story.”


  1. There is something ironically disturbing about watching Kendall Roy lip sync to the Beastie Boys. It’s as if Mike D. and Ad-Rock had a rich baby that you just want to punch in the face.


  1. It’s a complete rip-off of the Bluth family, although “Arrested Development” was actually funny.


  1. There comes a moment when you realize there are at least six Culkin siblings. And in that same moment, you also realize you don’t care.


  1. It’s a complete rip-off of “Game of Thrones,” but perhaps the final episode of “Succession” won’t totally suck.


  1. It’s a reminder that looks are not everything. In fact, they don’t matter at all when you’re filthy rich.


  1. It’s like watching a petting zoo made up of rare people — stripped of all empathy, a soul and any idea of what it’s like to worry about a car payment. So basically it’s like watching C-SPAN with swear words.


  1. It’s the greatest family show ever because it reminds us to teach our children to strive for happiness and kindness — without selling their soul for world domination.

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