The Weekly’s Top 10 of 2017

Here’s the Keys-based stories that broke the internet, no Kardashians needed.

Dancing at Mallory Square post Hurricane Irma
Locals dancing at Mallory Square post Hurricane Irma

There is something about lists that people like to read. Here’s the Top 10 list of the Keys-based stories that went viral this past year. Although Hurricane Irma-related posts could take the cake for all top 10, here’s some other fun or controversial topics that took our local internet by storm.

  1. Jimmy Buffett anything…

Video of Jimmy playing barefoot at Key West’s Margaritaville Restaurant went viral with more than a million in reach this past week. Earlier in the year, reports of Buffett playing at the newly opened Key West Amphitheater also broke the internet. (Photo by Cheryl Cates.)

Jimmy Buffett

2. Southernmost Buoy

Post-Hurricane Irma

The iconic image of the American flag hanging from a battered Southernmost Point buoy is ingrained into the memories of rebuilding after Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on the Keys. The Facebook post by Key West Weekly Publisher Britt Myers made it on the front page of the paper immediately after the storm, and was shared by thousands on social media. (Photo by Britt Myers.)

3. Key West Locals-Only Hurricane Party

Facebook two-minute video

The video depicting locals dancing in Mallory Square a couple weeks post-Irma showed the spirit of the Keys, and Key West working toward rebuilding. The Keys Strong attitude is still on the top of everyone’s mind since the storm. (Photo by Britt Myers)

Dancing at Mallory Square post Hurricane Irma
Locals dancing at Mallory Square post Hurricane Irma

4. The cartoon and lists


Weekly Staffer Hays Blinckmann has an eye for art, and it shows with her weekly cartoon and the always funny Top 10 lists, touching subjects from politics to Halloween costumes, she compiles with Myers. The lists and cartoons are on the website, and are usually shared in bulk when posted to the Weekly’s Facebook page. (Picture by Hays Blinckmann)

5. The Key West “Bubba Awards” and “Best of Marathon”

June and October

Both fun nights celebrate the businesses and people in town that deserve praise. The categories, ranging from Best Key Lime Pie to Best Customer Service are always big hits in the community voting system. Our favorite is Miami Subs in Key West making it into the top three every year for the Best Conch Fritters. (Photos by Kristen Livengood)

6. Cow Key Bridge Run 0K: Show us your teats

April 2017

There are a lot of bridge runs in the Keys, the most famous bring the 7 Mile Bridge Run that closes out the running field in mere minutes when registration opens, but one of our favorites to watch is the Cow Key Bridge 0K, which takes place the day after the 7 Mile Bridge Run. The short distance crossing the Cow Key Bridge brings out some of the best costumes of the year, and some of the most competitive runners in the Keys. Awards are given to fastest, slowest, and most unique. And, last year, two Key West Crossfit superwomen made it across the whole bridge on their hands! (Photo by Kristen Livengood)

7. Lyft/Uber currently operating in Key West

In one of the biggest controversies of the year, ride share operators Lyft and Uber were granted access to operate in the Keys. The debate has since dwindled on the pros and cons, and it looks like they are here to stay and sharing the roads with local taxi drivers in harmony.


8. Screw the Screwworm

Early 2017

What looked at one point likely to decimate the Lower Keys endangered Key deer population, the Screwworm, was eradicated this year. Although speculation arose on how the random Screwworm made its way to the Florida Keys, state and national attention immediately jumped in to help save most of the iconic herd.


9. The People’s Amphitheater

Feb. 2, 2017

Where to build it, what to name it, who’s going to pay for it: the Key West Amphitheater came with lots of questions, some still unanswered, but it is built and they will come – including Eddie Money playing on New Year’s Eve. The amphitheater opened its doors in October, hosting the annual Headdress Ball, and also recently a Keys Strong benefit. Eddie Money and other big names will be highlighting the venue in the upcoming year. (Picture by engineer rendering)

10. The End of Wet Foot Dry Foot and Cuba travel

Early 2017

The end of Wet Foot Dry Foot and the opening of Cuba to “people to people” travel brought with it new challenges for the Keys. No longer are the days of political refugees escaping Cuba’s regime landing on the shores of the Florida Keys. And, with air and sea travel from the States to Cuba open (for the time being), new travel-based companies popped up in the Keys to help with the demand.

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