Things only locals know…


Yes, we locals do have our secrets in the Florida Keys. It’s hard to get us to admit them but give us a free beer or hug and we usually cave like Wikileaks on CNN. Here’s just a taste of our vaulted goodies…

  1. White work trucks do not go above 18 miles per hour.


  1. Turn signals are disabled from local auto dealers.


  1. UPS drivers are actually Code Enforcement spies.


  1. Resident Parking is a myth.


  1. You can only run for mayor if Mark Rossi double dog dares you.


  1. There will be genetically modified iguanas released in 2018; they will be larger, so TDC can market The Florida Keys: Jurassic Park


  1. Aaron Sorkin and Shonda Rhimes both want to base a TV character on Holly Raschein.


  1. We actually do have more than one sunset, but don’t tell anybody.


  1. We know Conch shells look like lady parts but can’t admit it.


  1. The Weekly is actually owned by The Onion.


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