Top 10 Gifts Worse than a Peloton - A motorcycle is parked on the side of the room - Bicycle

The internet collectively lost its mind when Peloton released its newest holiday commercial for the upscale, at-home spin bikes. It features a delighted husband gifting his beautiful wife with a marvelous piece of machinery. It has evoked a shoot storm of sexism accusations and some devastating mockery. There are a few, spinners of course, who defend the ad. Here’s our helpful take on …

Top 10 Gifts Worse than a Peloton

10. A TGIFridays gift certificate

9. Snow shovel

8. Tickets to a Miami Marlins baseball game.

7. A Roman Gastesi Chia Pet

6. Grease

5. A membership to the National Assault Rifle Association

4. At-home pregnancy test

3. Expired, stone-ground mustard

2. A 1-year subscription to the Florida Keys Keynoter

  1. Impact storm windows — made by Tesla

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