As cases spike in South Florida, prompting some to call Miami the new “Wuhan,” folks are considering another round of quarantine, whether self imposed or not. During the first shutdown, many Americans found the time to learn new skills and indulge in hobbies. What will we do to entertain ourselves during a possible second quarantine?

Top 10 quarantine projects to finish if there’s a second shut down

10. Have a seat on the couch to complete the list of quarantine projects you started during the first quarantine. 

9. Finish counting the ceiling tiles.

8. Adopt a second kitten. Or third.

7. Tear out the dead tomato plants you sprouted with such enthusiasm in the first shutdown, then forgot to water when you went back to work.  

6. Burn that bread machine. Seriously, just burn it ‘cuz you gained so much weight. 

5. Design your own video game, like Angry Birds, but with the DuoLingo Owl that is so persistently annoying. French, Smench.

4. Assemble the crib. (We know what you were doing during quarantine! Wacka, wacka!)

3. String the half-finished deck with caution tape. It’s not safe. 

2. Start petitioning Netflix for an appropriate “Tiger King” substitute. 

1. Stockpile the booze again; it looks like the kitchen table homeschool is coming back. 

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