The Upper Keys Weekly is proud to partner with Ocean Studies Charter School faculty and staff in choosing “The Student of the Week.” Recipients are chosen on qualifications including academic standing, outstanding achievements, community involvement, individuality and moral fortitude. We thank our future leaders and Ocean Studies for allowing us to share in a weekly dose of school pride and for giving us a glimpse into their world.

Saphira Armijo

What do you like about Ocean Studies Charter School? 
What I like here is all the environmental projects that we do in marine science and how we can protect the ecosystem. 

What is your favorite subject and why?
My favorite subject is ELA because I learn new strategies to figure out and comprehend what I’m reading. 

What is the best rule at school?
Probably the dress code because at KLS, when I went there, you always had to wear a uniform and it was very uncomfortable. 

What’s your favorite food for lunch?
I like to eat pizza. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
When I grow up I’m probably going to be a rockstar. A singer. I like Katie Perry. 

What is one favorite way you like to spend your spare time?
On the weekend, I usually go play with my friends across the street. And I also like playing with my cat, Betsy. 

Who’s your favorite teacher?
Ms. Karen, because she teaches most of the classes and she makes all the classes super fun.