When Pantone announced TWO colors of the year in 2021, it seems they were just jumping on the bandwagon. Everywhere we look, we see these two colors and … we love it. The yellow is punchy, the gray is calming.

Tradition dictates that we should choose neutral colors for “important” pieces designed to last for years — whether that’s a couch or a cocktail dress —  and buy accessories — a throw pillow or scarf — in the statement hues of the season.

But yellow and gray are so versatile. It’s easy to imagine committing to either color and tweaking the look in 2022. For example, a yellow wall with a collection of green plates is going to look amazing next year. A gray sheath dress can be accessorized with color any which way for the  ladies’ bruncheon next spring.

The possibilities are endless. Imagine dried slices of lemon on the Christmas tree, or a gray and white Morrocan stencil on the floor. Or adorn a white, vintage chenille bedspread with new yellow pom-poms. Arrange tarnished, silver platters as an oversized wreath on a statement wall.

Here’s our advice: Go for it. Full tilt. This color combination is beautiful and it doesn’t paint us into a corner next year.

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