Yoga studio opens in Marathon – Sol Shine Yoga to offer variety of classes

Yoga studio opens in Marathon – Sol Shine Yoga to offer variety of classes - A group of people jumping in the air - Yoga

Before she sets the schedule, Amanda Minton is waiting to hear from her students. On Saturday, July 18, she’s having a grand opening from noon to 6 p.m. at the Sol Shine Yoga studio on 53rd Street.

“I want to know when they want classes. If it’s a hot yoga class at 5 a.m., I’m all for it. Or maybe it’s vinyasa at 7:30 p.m. when everyone is getting out of work,” she said.

The freshly painted studio is located across the street from the Publix grocery store, in the suite previously occupied by Keys Strength. Minton said that when the space became available, all of the other parts and pieces of opening a business fell into place too.

Initially, Sol Shine Yoga will offer four different yoga classes — beginners, hot yoga, vinyasa and yin. Vinyasa is a method of yoga in which movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath. In yin yoga, the poses are held for three to five minutes.

“Yin yoga is very restorative and has the same benefits of deep tissue massage,” Minton said. “It’s very healing and rejuvenating.”

For the hot yoga classes, Minton said she will use space heaters to heat to the room to a toasty and humid 95 degrees. Sol Shine Yoga will also offer a “busy people class” that only lasts 45 minutes.

Minton came to the Middle Keys five years ago for a chance to work with dolphins at Dolphin Research Center. Since then, she’s been an on-and-off resident of Marathon. Most recently, she’s returned from a trip to the Goa province of India to study Ashtanga, a particular type of yoga. Minton said any type of yoga is beneficial.

“That one hour of peace of mind is invaluable,” she said. “I see improvements in my thinking and how I feel about my body. I want to eat healthy, exercise more and do good, even off the mat.”

Minton said she wants the yoga studio to become a community center with space for visiting teachers and maybe a massage therapist. And, like many Keys businesses, Sol Shine Yoga has a pet wandering the premises. In this case, a friendly mutt named Darwin.

“He’s a pro at the downward dog yoga pose,” Minton said, smiling.

Sol Shine Yoga is located on 53rd Street. Locals who sign up during the grand opening will receive discounted memberships. The phone number is 843-830-0428.

Unlimited monthly memberships: $150

Visitors’ three-pack classes: $45

Drop in class: $17


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