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The Zombies are coming to the Key West Theater on Monday, Jan. 8. ANDREW ECCLES/Contributed

It always feels good to get a little nostalgic, especially with music. The Zombies are coming to the Key West Theater on Monday, Jan. 8, and this is a chance to hear the soundtrack to the ’60s live. The Zombies were in the first wave of the British invasion that took American music to the next level and struck a chord with their Beatles/Beach Boy-esque psychedelic sound. Capturing that sing along, groovy music that reeked of peace, love and rock ’n’ roll, they hit it big with “She’s Not There” in 1964 and then “Tell Her No” in 1965. With a mixture of jazz beats and melodies, The Zombies created unforgettable lyrics that remain timeless.

Or better put, “Tell it to me slowly (tell me what), I really want to know, It’s the time of the season for lov—-ing.” That next hit, the now-classic “Time of The Season,” was released in 1968, two years after The Zombies disbanded, on the album “Odessey and Oracle,” which Rolling Stone magazine included on its list “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” The song has been featured in five movies and multiple TV commercials. Now that the Zombies have reunited with original band members Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone, they are able to play their hits, gaining back lost time.

“It’s fantastic to have the chance to play the song again because we never really played it in front of a live audience,” said Blunstone. “At the time, we weren’t really aware of the artistic revolution going on and that we were a part of it.” Blunstone and Argent finally reunited in 1999 after each pursuing solo careers. Blunstone played often with the Alan Parsons Project and had more single hits in the UK, while Argent went on to write another American classic, “Hold Your Head Up,” with his band Argent. His 1973 anthem hit the first notes to a new kind of guitar-laden, riffing rock ’n’ roll that later the ’80s would seize.

“Back in 1999, we were just going to play six gigs, so I asked Argent to play keyboard,” Blunstone laughs, and now The Zombies are going strong again. With their tour, they are celebrating the 2015 release of their latest Billboard-charting album, “Still Got That Hunger,” led by Blunstone and Argent, alongside bassist Jim Rodford (formerly of Argent and The Kinks), Rodford’s son Steve Rodford on drums, and renowned session guitarist Tom Toomey.

“The songs still feel timeless and fresh,” said Blunstone “Energy is so important and we give it everything we got, every night.”

Rams Head Productions Presents The Zombies at Key West Theater

Mon 1.8

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

“It’s so unexpected to be touring still, but it’s incredible.” – Colin Blunstone, of The Zombies.

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