Technically, it’s a T-shirt shop. In Limbo has a lot of T-shirts for sale, but it’s much more than that. Two life-size statues of the Blues Brothers flank the entrance of the gaily-painted storefront in Marathon (next to King Seafood). Inside, it’s a warren of shelves and hangers. Squeeze into the back, though, to find custom jean jackets and an adorable little patio with more statues, homemade art and a couple of chairs.

“Just come by. Come down and look, see what’s happening. Keep me company,” said Rosa Mercedes, who owns the shop with her husband of 39 years, Steve Perri.

The couple opened up the Marathon shop earlier this month. Their goal is to make the strip front a destination with a little something for all the owners and the public — a restaurant, a tattoo parlor, a cigar shop, a massage place and “the hippie shop.” With their shared experience, no doubt they will do it right.

In Limbo is located in Marathon in the same plaza as King Seafood. It’s open daily.

“We really like the people of Marathon; they have been so welcoming,” Mercedes said.

For 20 years, Perri and Mercedes operated a similar shop in Islamorada — bright colors, fantastic vibe. At one point the shop was located inside the former Holiday Isle Resort, where Mercedes confessed she walked around barefoot, occasionally dashing off to the stage to sing a song before dashing back to the store.

“You gotta live,” she said.

The couple also had a shop in Woodstock, New York that she describes as a “rock and roll shop and gallery,” that featured the works of the iconic ’60s band photographer Elliott Landy. (Perri was 17 years old when he attended the Woodstock festival.) And they still own one on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, devoted to kite boarding and kite boarders.

Rosa Mercedes and Steve Perri, husband and wife, are business partners of four decades, too.

In Limbo’s wares feature that same blend of interests — fishing T-shirts, sailing hoodies, halter tops and lots and lots of band T-shirts and posters — Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, David Bowie, etc. It sells CBD products, pipes, dried sage and, it seems, whatever else strikes their fancy.


“My jean jackets are very good sellers,” said Mercedes of the garments that feature embellishments on the back. “It’s very hard to find the items to put them together.”

Mercedes said she’s prone to fits of creative passion. Most recently she created some beautiful outdoor decorations of “flowers” made from coconut palm fronds. Drop by and check them out.

Both are involved as buyers, while Perri manages the finances and Mercedes handles the public relations.

“I’m the butterfly public relations thing,” she said.

Oh, and the couple knows quite a bit about how to raise alligators. So drop by and ask them about that, too.In Limbo is open seven days a week — 10ish to 7ish — and is located at 10949 Overseas Highway and the phone number. To contact the shop, email [email protected]

The owners have a creative streak that extends beyond ordering shirts and gifts. Rosa Mercedes made this flower out of palm fronds. SARA MATTHIS/Keys Weekly

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