The Key West Weekly is proud to partner with Key West High School faculty and students in choosing “The Student of the Week.” Recipients are chosen on qualifications including academic standing, athletics, outstanding achievements, community involvement, individuality and moral fortitude. We thank our future leaders and KWHS for allowing us to share in a weekly dose of “Conch Pride” and congratulate all of the outstanding students of the week.CLASS OF 2019

What organizations and activities are you involved with at Key West High School and why are they important to you? Swimming. because I have met many friends who have inspired me to do more.

Who has been your biggest inspiration at Key West High School and why? Mr. Whaley has been my biggest inspiration because his class challenges me in a way that forces me to do all my work.

What class has best prepared you for life after high school? AP Chemistry.

What advice would you give to underclassmen? Do all of your work on time, and make the best grades possible.

What is your favorite social medium, why, and whom do you follow? Instagram, because it allows me to see other people doing the hobbies I enjoy.

What do you want to be remembered for at Key West High School? I want to be remembered as the person who did his best in his classes.

What three things do you want to accomplish before your 10-year high school reunion? Get my unlimited ton license,, get a degree, and get a well-paying job.

Do you think you will make the Keys your permanent home? Why or why not? No, because I would like to branch out and discover new places.

Finish this sentence: Living in the Keys has taught me … that everyone is different in their own way and not to judge someone just on the way they appear.

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