Anne O’Shea is a former Fantasy Fest Queen and a producer and actress, known for “The Kids Are All Right” (2010), “What Maisie Knew” (2012) and “Any Day Now” (2012). Her and her husband Executive Producer Brian Quattrini made an appearance at the Key West Film Festival last week and shared some of their experiences from the limelight.

Never doing the same role twice and solving problems is why Anne O’Shea loves acting and producing she said.

“With each script there are challenges and problem solving involved,” she said. “It constantly keeps me on my toes.”

She came to the festival for her role in “Life Partners” with Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs and Adam Brody. The film is about codependent best friends in their late 20s who have spent the last ten years acting more like wives than friends­­— they talk to each other on the toilet, they drive each other to the doctor. And as with any good marriage, they’re a perfect yin and yang. Until the night Paige meets Tim (Brody). Despite some superficial drawbacks (questionable facial hair, a penchant for quoting the movies everyone quotes), he’s the kind of guy she wants to marry and it complicates their friendship. She plays the role of Nora in the film and had a great time while doing it.

“It was really fun on the set, like a girls slumber party,” she said.

Executive Producer Brian Quattrini is her other half. He is president of Minerva Productions out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and got into showbiz after being a concierge in New York City a number of years and making contacts. His life changed after producing the film “The Kids are Alright” and having it blow-up.

As executive producer and president of a big production company he has to oversee every person involved with the different films from set designers to leading actors. Each role can be overwhelming he explained and it is important to hire the right people that work together.

“The group must be a team like in basketball. Every duty in the production is an intricate part of the big picture and magic happens when everybody is working together,” he said.

Him and O’Shea have been living in Key West on and off since the ‘90s and are now grandparents, living in Oklahoma to see the youngsters more often. They said they love being here to see old friends and are in love with the character of the island.

“We are partners in life and partners in crime,” O’Shea said with a grin.

Look for the duo’s upcoming productions “The Little Firemen” and “The World Scared Straight” coming out in 2015.

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