What started as a simple request on social media became an outpouring of goodwill, as dozens in the community raised nearly $10,000 for Coral Shores High School’s prom. The donations were put toward offsetting ticket prices, which the school was able to sell for as low as $25. Normally, the tickets cost about $75.

School bookkeeper Liz Garcia said many students have taken advantage of prices and purchased tickets during a flash sale.

Prom is supposed to be the best night of a high school student’s life. From the attire, to the arrival, to the after party, students fixate all year on trying to get every detail on prom night “right.” For students at Coral Shores, prom will punctuate a tumultuous school year that included everything from Hurricane evacuations to a national movement for school safety and gun reform.

Prom, set for Saturday, May 19, will certainly be memorable. Not only are the ticket prices low, the entertainment is top notch — a dance troupe, fire spinners, and a DJ.

In addition to the donation, students took on a number of fundraising efforts, like grocery bagging and bake sales, to mitigate the costs of the party. The less expensive tickets have made it easier for students like Robbie Prosek.

“We had a flash sale for a couple weeks that brought prices down to $25. Mangrove Mike helped us a lot with cutting the price,” said Prosek. “This year it was our main goal of making it so anybody could come to prom and save money, because everyone was struggling a little after Irma.”

For cash-strapped students who are not able to afford tuxedo rentals or dresses, the school also has a “prom closet.” Donated dresses and high heels are available for girls. And some guys will qualify for funds to rent a tux, Garcia said, provided they present a receipt.

Prosek said he had overheard a few students say that they were not attending prom because they couldn’t afford suits. After he made them aware of the closet, they were able to find what they needed, and are now going.

“People definitely use it,” said junior Shannon McCormick. “The hair and makeup artists who helped with Miss Coral Shores were also talking about having reduced prices or even volunteering to do it for free, which is awesome, because last year I spent $80 to get mine done.”

Thanks to the hard work of students, and a generous community, Coral Shores students will be dancing away their big night with a little extra cash in their pockets.

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