Striking 2020 ads lure various visitors to island chain - A person standing next to a body of water - Loch

Striking 2020 ads lure various visitors to island chain

The Florida Keys were ready for their close-ups this summer and are lookin’ good in the latest captivating collection of print ads designed to draw a diverse...
A group of people wearing costumes - Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest’s Outrageous Parade Highlights Key West Festival

KEY WEST, Florida Keys — The Fantasy Fest costuming and masking festival ends today (Sunday, Oct. 30) in Key West with an open-air carnival for kids and...
A person posing for the camera - Saxophone

Keys Stars Shine in Class of 2011

The final days of high school for the Class of 2011 are quickly coming to a close this week as seniors across the county finish exams and prepare for their graduation ceremonies. From future doctors and researchers to military officers and acclaimed athletes, here is a sampling of 2011’s outstanding Monroe County graduates.

The phenomenal fathers raising Keys kids

Dads are more than a go-to for car troubles or opening up that pesky, tight jar top. They’re dedicated and take time to show their loved ones...
Animal on the snow - Spiny lobster

The Crustacean Carnival

Lobster Mini Season this Wednesday & Thursday   Recreational and commercial harvest seasons for spiny lobster in Florida are set to reopen soon. The special two-day spiny lobster sport...
A close up of a box - Box turtles

Reward Grows for Speared Turtle

The total reward is now $10,750, plus three free dives, three free fishing trips and eight hours of free welding and fabrication!   On August 9, Save-A-Turtle of the...
A person standing in front of a truck - Car

Picture Perfect on Pigeon Key

by Jason Koler Eddie Bauer’s catalogue will be out….soon; and when it does Florida Keys residents will recognize the unmistakable scenery when deciding whether to order the Boundary...
A person posing for the camera - Moustache

Stoned Swimmer in the Slammer

Deputy struggles to keep man from drowning himself Long Key – A Monroe County Sheriff's deputy was injured Saturday night as he struggled to keep a Miami man...
A person wearing a suit and tie - Army officer

Sheriff’s Colonel receives top award

American Legion names Rick Ramsay Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Sheriff’s Colonel Rick Ramsay traveled to Orlando this past weekend to accept an award from the American...

Feds approve Oxitec mosquito trial

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has approved field tests for Oxitec’s biologically modified mosquitoes. If approved by the state of Florida and local authorities, the first tests...

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