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Black Lives Matter Protest Called ‘Largest Ever’ in Key Largo

“All Lives Matter when Black Lives Matter.” On Friday, the chant could be heard from across U.S....
6th Annual Bubba Awards - A group of people posing for the camera - Jeanette Núñez

6th Annual Bubba Awards

The 2019 Bubbas: Key West People’s Choice Awards will go down in the record books after hitting several memorable marks. The 6th Annual event packed the Key...
Winn-Dixie re-opens in Marathon - A sign above a store - Florida

Winn-Dixie re-opens in Marathon

After a long wait, Marathon residents were eager to see the completely new Winn-Dixie that opened on March 27. “We already had plans to expand the store, but...
Marathon celebrates its best - A group of people posing for a photo - Weekly Newspapers

Marathon celebrates its best

On Sept. 29, about 150 Marathon citizens (maybe more than that, whatever the maximum occupancy sign says) gathered for the annual Best of Marathon awards presented by...
LOCALS ROLL UP THEIR SLEEVES AND JUMP IN - A person swimming in the water - Underwater diving


There’s been a lot of talk recently about the debris that washes up on our shores, but what about the debris that sits on the bottom of...
Master Chef

And the winners are…

The 24th Annual Master Chef’s Classic took place last Sunday night at Margaritaville Resort. Thirteen restaurants competed in three categories to be named winners. The event supports...
Elves light up Fred again - A group of people standing next to a tree - Seven Mile Bridge

Elves light up Fred again

Two elves sit in a bar and order a cocktail. After overhearing the conversation beside them between two bachelors, they decide to chime in. “Oh wow, you...