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In Their Own Words with Jonathan Woods

Key West is a great place to live for writers because of its great writer vibe created by its long literary heritage from Hemingway to Tennessee Williams and Elizabeth Bishop to Philip Caputo, Tom McGuane, John Leslie and Robert Stone, to name a few.
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Barry Cuda still pushin’ piano

I also love playing the Green Parrot. I think it is the most interesting bar musically on the island and in South Florida for that matter.
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Historic fire house also haunted – Curators talk about grand opening, things that go...

“But the thing that really convinced me was one photograph,” he said. “It was a group shot and in it was the image of a small African-American girl, dressed in the fashion from the early days of the firehouse. She wasn’t there. How’d she show up in the photo?”
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Adam Cooley brings ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ to TSKW

I have heard that Key West is known to have some pretty wild partiers and eccentric personalities so hopefully a show like “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” will be right up their alley.
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Babineau tells a long, strange tale – Key West author describes book, talks about...

Brooke Babineau’s book, “Below Mile Zero,” is about the Key West he lived in during the 1980s. He has written screenplays and poems, too, but his book...
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Annie Miners is living the dream – Actress has a part in Barn’s ‘Bingo’...

Why a trawler? “I didn’t think I could single-hand a sailboat,” she said. “I wanted to cruise and knew I’d be doing a lot of it alone, so a trawler with engines made sense to me.”
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Tom Corcoran, eclectic Key West character

I have been told that my portrayal of island life is darned accurate, so Keys residents enjoy seeing themselves through my characters. A lot of people from “up north” say that my descriptions warm them in winter and make them long for return visits to the Keys. Aside from that, I think my avoidance of clichés and my examples of island humor make folks want to keep reading the novels.
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International jazz star Howard Alden visits Key West – He’s studied with the masters

Howard Alden has studied with some classic teachers of the jazz and blues world after teaching himself the guitar, and he has played and recorded with many...
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In Their Own Words – The Defibulators

The “Defibulators” band’s name was misspelled for their first gig and the misspelling has stuck for the country band from Brooklyn. As the band plays on, it...
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Howard Livingston is ‘living the dream’ in the Keys

first visited the Keys in the mid-’80s and fell in love with the area. I knew right then this would be my home. I spent every moment after that trying to figure how to live here. It took a while but there was no other place on the planet I wanted to be. I just love everything about the Keys.