The cast and crew of “Charlie Brown” right before the show starts. John Galjanic, sitting left, Mackenzie Helms, and Hannah Gracy. Autumn Tipsword, standing left, Michael Macko, Eddie Hannah, Lesley Bollig, Ariana Patterson, Natalie Ehrig, Andie Devitt, Claire McCarthy, Zach Perry, Christopher Freeman and musical director Lyn Cox.

Drama club brings “Peanuts” characters to life

Marathon High School’s Drama Club’s rendition of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” pleases the crowd with singing, dancing, and popular, well-known “Peanuts” characters including Snoopy. The student’s enthusiasm and hard work paid off for this play, especially since the small cast of six will be inducted into the International Thespian Society later this month. Lined up for May 1 and 2 will be “Seussical Junior” with a cast of 35. MHS alumnus Xavier McKnight was in town over the weekend for the first rehearsals to help out with the choreography.


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