a man and a woman standing next to a bike
Cassie Beeny and Marcelo Frizzo with an e-bike by Lectric after riding to Coco Plum in Key Largo. CONTRIBUTED

“You miss the quirkiness of the Keys when you are in a car.” It’s something Cassie Beeny’s mother always said.

Marcelo Frizzo and Cassie Beeny are the founders and owners of Bike The Florida Keys, a new rental e-bike service specializing in exploring the Upper Florida Keys — VIP style.

Beeny grew up in Miami, coming down to the Keys regularly, but relocated to Texas after Hurricane Andrew. Frizzo, originally from Brazil, moved to the U.S. 21 years ago. They spend half their time in Texas and the other half in the Keys. 

“We had a health care business since 2016, billing and scheduling, that didn’t capture our hearts, so we sold that and reinvented ourselves,” Beeny said. 

“South Florida is my heart, and so I knew we wanted something here,” Beeny said. “We realized we were not the ‘sit at our desk 9-to-5 entrepreneurs,’ so this was a good fit for our lifestyle. We also have five children, ages 10 to 20, so it’s a way to involve the whole family.”

Frizzo is an avid biker and travels for various bike races, most recently one in Vancouver, Canada. He started biking 15 years ago after a knee issue from “too many years playing soccer” became too painful. 

“I did rehab, wore a brace, but was advised to stop playing soccer and get a bike instead to regain strength,” Frizzo said. 

“We wanted to bring something fun, easy, and different that would appeal to people who come here,” Frizzo said. “You get a bike; you can go slow, enjoy a breeze and see everything.”

The e-bike brand the couple chose to go with is called Lectric Bikes. They said they loved the bikes and the owner’s entrepreneur journey. 

“We were very careful in selecting one model, Lectric XP, in white and in dark blue. It has a good range single charge for a long time (approximately 45 miles and 28 mph). It’s very stable, easy to handle with wider tires, a comfy seat and disc brakes,” Frizzo said. “The bike can get wet and stops easily. It has a weather-resistant bag for the back basket to store your phone, helmets, etc.” 

“The bike is suitable for all ages who can ride. Florida law states that the age to ride an e-bike is 16 years old or over,” he continued. “Heights can be from 4’10” to 6’5”, and it’s very easy to adjust the seat and handlebars. Each bike comes with a nice-sized rear basket for groceries or other shopping. They have an upper limit of 330 pounds of capacity. So, a wide range of people can use it.”

Since the charge is by distance, it can vary due to weight and pedaling. If someone rents an e-bike overnight, they suggest they charge it, but it’s not always necessary — precautionary. 

“It’s straightforward to charge, like charging your laptop. If you run out of battery, you can pedal; however, it will be heavier than a regular bike. The bike is fully functional,” Frizzo said.

Some people assume an e-bike is a motorcycle. “E-bikes are not classified as motor vehicles,” Frizzo said. “They are their own category so that they can be on the bike path. They can ride anywhere a regular bike can ride. The throttle is very smooth and easy to control.”

The e-bikes have lights and an LCD screen. The lithium pack is inside the frame, and there is a key that is not only how you access the battery to charge it but also is a safety feature, as when you pull it out, the bike stops. They strongly recommend wearing a helmet, which is included.

Also, upon delivery, they provide instructions to ensure everyone knows how they operate to ensure the best time possible.

The couple plans to start offering bike tours at the end of July. They want people to get a flavor of the Keys — history, nature, sites not everyone knows about or explores — Red Cross Houses, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, the Islamorada Art District, Harry Harris Park and Hurricane Monument in Islamorada. It’s the second e-bike business to start in town.

And using an e-bike makes the elements, such as the wind, easier on your body while exploring. Booking is simple and convenient through their website, and the bike(s) get delivered free to your location. You can rent by a half-day or full-day in Key Largo, Tavernier or Islamorada.

More information is at, Instagram and Facebook @biketheflkeys, or WhatsApp at 305-783-6066.

Melinda Van Fleet
Melinda Van Fleet is an Intuitive Energy Business & Leadership Mentor and the owner of Good Karma Sportfishing with her husband, Ryan Van Fleet. She is a speaker, bestselling author of "Confidence Mastery for Couples" and "Life & Love Lessons," and the host of the weekly podcast "The Success Codes Podcast." You can connect with her more at