For a unique and tasty dining experience head straight to 2 Cents located on a narrow alleyway, Applerouth Lane, in the heart of Old Town.

Patrons won’t find the standard tuna tataki on the menu at 2 Cents. Instead, they feast on items such as roasted bone marrow with grilled ciabatta, caper and parsley salad sprinkled with fleur de sel, sea salt harvested by hand.

“We experiment with different recipes with hope that people like them … and they often do,” said Executive Chef Chris Otten. “We have a lot of fun seeing what works and what people enjoy.”

Their snacks, greens, buns, shells, small plates, large plates and desserts have a twist which have garnered the attention of publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, US Airways, The Guardian, Edible South Florida, American Airlines and the Key West Weekly. The restaurant’s cuisine isn’t tied to any one ethnicity and dishes incorporate American, Thai, seafood, soul food, pub and European touches.

For an appetizer, or “Snack” as it’s called on the menu, restaurant part owner Chris Shultz suggests the Quack Quack Nachos — Duck confit and black beans with cheddar, salsa and sour cream.

“The duck is so juicy and tender everybody who likes nachos will like the Quack Quack Nachos,” he said. “And there is enough to share with a friend or two.”

Great craft beers, wines, fine cocktails and a friendly and welcoming staff go perfect with all the snacks on the menu making it a great place to hang with friends or after a long day. Other snacks on the new menu are spiced pork meatballs with Thai peanut sauce, bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers with sweet butter, 2c Wings with garlic and cilantro marinated with sweet chili sauce, hand-cut Yukon gold truffle fries and, of course, Crazy Uncle Larry’s Bacon, which is maple glazed.

2 Cents does salad their own way on their “Greens” menu. Kale Caesar, caramelized brussel salad, Greek salad are a few options. Try the buffalo shrimp salad with bibb lettuce spattered with buttermilk/basil ranch dressing, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and buffalo-fried Key West pink shrimp.


Another dish incorporates traditional Thai elements combined with authentic Key West ingredients — Key West pink shrimp, fried rice topped with a scrambled egg, snap peas, carrots and corn with sweet soy sauce. It is loaded with color and flavor.

For hungry guests, diners should chose from the “Large Plate” menu. The fresh Havana-style yellowtail snapper comes with saffron rice, black beans with key lime aioli. The rosemary chicken is made with roasted, free-range chicken breast, roasted brussel sprouts, herbed polenta and rosemary jus. Find out what everyone else is talking about.

2 Cents

416 Appelrouth Lane, Key West

Open for dinner Monday through Sunday from 6 to 11 p.m.; Sunday brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; and happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m. daily.

To make reservations or to check out their full menu go to 2centskw

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