English studio drummer, singer, guitar player and Pro Tools wizard, Ric Chandler fell in love with South France native Chris Loung, when Ric was hired to record for her new album.

“We fell in love instantly and you could not keep as apart. It did not take long for Ric to join the band,” said Loung. “It was about seven years ago.”

After meeting they created the band Lung as it is today, a two-person band that has huge sound, plays radical cover songs and creates music with tracks carrying two languages, narration, acoustic instruments, horns to intense electronic break-downs. They have traveled all over the country in the past few years and are proud to embrace American culture.

“People are very critical of music in Europe and the United Kingdom. The United States audience is much more excepting of new sounds,” said Chandler with a smile. “People most of the time ask us to play more of our originals.”

Loung’s voice has a soft melodic undertone like Colbie Caillat with a faint French accent on the songs the band performs in English.

“We play songs people are familiar with and throw in our originals in between and don’t tell anybody,” she said, “but we only play music we like. A lot of Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin, White Strips, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles with our own spin.”

Chandler has worked alongside huge artists including Calvin Harris and Gary Newman and has been playing drums professionally since he was 18. He adds narration and electric breakdowns to songs that bring a psychological affect.

“We want to make people dream. Life is no fun without imagination,” said Loung.

They have been creative with their covers making French versions of David Bowie songs such as “Major Tom” and are now remaking Johnny Cash songs, some in French and with some electric bass and synthesizer.

They are playing at various times, locations and dates over the summer. Check them out on Facebook, Lungworld.

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