Pro surfer/musician excited for upcoming show

Tickets are now available for the Donavon Frankenreiter concert, which is taking place on Sunday, Aug. 30 at historic Fort East Martello on South Roosevelt. Frankenreiter is a pro surfer-turned musician and has an upbeat, acoustic style. He has toured with Jack Johnson and G Love. Before his show in Key West we got to catch up with him and ask about his music.

Has surfing influenced your music? How?

Surfing has definitely influenced my music for sure. Surfing and music compliment each other for me. Some surfers like rap and others like heavy metal but I feel my music reflects surfing and the feeling that comes with it.

Who is your favorite artist you collaborated with? Why?

One of the favorite collaborations I did was on my most recent album with my son on a song called “Little Shack.”

Tell me the best place you have while on tour?

The best spot is anywhere I am able to plug in and play. We just played in Bali and it was a memorable experience. The waves were perfect, the stage was amazing and there were awesome people.


How has your music changed since the first record?

It changes every record. I am a different person than I was 12 years ago and I won’t  make the same record twice.

You titled your latest album “The Heart” and said all the songs are as close to singing from the heart as you can. What do you mean by that?

This record was really emotional for me. My dad passed away during it. I wrote the songs straight from the heart. The songs ended up being in the F sharp minor heart genre, which is the most heart-felt key.

So you traveled the world surfing, what is your idea of a vacation?

I live in Hawaii and whenever I am at home I feel like I am on vacation. I don’t have to move around a lot. I get to slow down, spend time with my family and and relax. Even if I am home just a few days I feel reenergized.

Would you rather play in front of 10,000 at big venue or with a surfboard with a couple people by the beach?

I like performing, so either size show. There could be a festival that plays 10,000 or a small club. When I first started there was only 20 people at shows. After becoming a famous surfer it is forever changing, every night is different venue and different song. I love playing and it never gets old.

If you had to choose perfect wave or perfect song?

That is tough. Once the perfect wave happens once you search for it forever. But obviously it is the song because there is a bunch of people that can enjoy it too. They are similar in a lot of ways.

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