Failure and Persistence — Keep Going!

If you haven’t heard, it’s 2020. And if you are overhearing about how you should goal plan etc., I can empathize. I love goal setting (intention setting is the new buzz word) and even choosing a “word” for the year is good, too, and a hot trend.

But how do you handle your emotions and mindset when you don’t continue to work on your goals?  When you ‘fall off the wagon,’ so to speak? Or when you go for the goal and it doesn’t work out?

Here’s how I keep myself going:

1. I know it sounds cliché, but you must change your mind to focus on the positives and keep going through them. It may take a bit of time, depending on your mindset (practice this), but you can push through.

2. Call a positive friend or a coach to help with this if you need help. Make sure the friend is supportive. Explain what you need help on so they can help focus your mind on positives. You are not alone in this journey, and I can bet you that everyone has gone through something similar.

3. Have a big list (dream big people!!!) of other goals so you can start to focus on something else immediately. My list is HUGE, so when something didn’t work out, I was able to start something else right away.

4. Keep your list more general so you are moving forward, but if the exact goal doesn’t happen you won’t feel so defeated. I learned this last October after a tough month of pushing hard toward goals and they didn’t happen exactly as I had hoped, but I had still made strides of forward movement that needed to be celebrated.

5. Failures are good!  Yes, you may think I am crazy, but failures are good. You always can learn from them and if you didn’t go for something (the Yoda in me is not a fan of the word “try”) you would never move forward. Bottom line — celebrate that you did something!

I saw this on Pinterest, and it reminds me that every day is a new opportunity to reach my goals:

12 New Chapters
365 New Chances
Keep going!
I know you can do it.

-Melinda Van Fleet

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