Walk-in clinic treats all sorts of maladies

When a 10-year-old boy came into Fishermen’s Hospital Convenient Care Clinic with a sore throat, Nurse Practitioner Shelly Bish took a look in his throat to find a fish bone lodged in the boy’s tonsil. The out-of-towners were looking for a prescription for the sore throat thinking he was coming down with strep, when someone suggested they try the Marathon clinic before heading over to the emergency room.

“We have the time to really check the patients out here,” said Bish of the office in the 1st Professional Centre, a block east of McDonalds. “We love being able to treat the community members, and also understand when you come down on vacation, you can’t afford to be sick.”

The clinic moved to the more centrally located office about a year ago from its previous spot on Key Colony Beach. “We have been busier since moving to this location,” said Susan Baker, also a nurse practioner. “Plus, the walls are floor to ceiling now, which helps with privacy.”

Martha and Harold Grace said that in their 17 years of spending two months every winter in Key Colony Beach, they’ve never needed a doctor until now. “Harold came down with a high fever and we had a choice to go to the E.R. or somewhere else,” said Martha. “Everyone at our condo suggested the walk-in clinic.”

After running a couple of tests, the doctors prescribed an antibiotic for Harold’s infection and within three days he was back to himself. “Call it convenient is an understatment,” said Martha. “They took care of him very professionally, and were nice and very knowledgeable. We would go back in a heartbeat, but hope we can go another 17 years with no issues.”

Both Bish and Baker said the most important part of the practice is being able to educate their patients. “Prevention is the main key,” Bish said of handwashing and avoiding the dreaded cough on plane trips. “The teaching component is a good way to help people maintain their health.”

The clinic can see patients for minor emergencies like fish hooks through fingers or school and sports physicals. They specialize in respiratory infections, pink eye, ear aches and irrigation, stitches for minor lacerations, and rashes. The office is walk-in only and typically does not have a long wait. Office visits start are $75 without insurance. They can also draw blood on site from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., which is convenient if someone is fasting for a blood test. They can be reached at 305-735-4107.

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