Hi friends, Reef the fox here with this week’s “Reef’s Report”. This past week has been a sad one for all of the Florida Keys. We lost a very important animal friend in our community. 

Mo the Sloth, who lived at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal farm passed away and it has left a vacancy in a lot of hearts. My mom has been volunteering/visiting the animal farm since 2017, that is where she met foxes Lana and Rocky, which led to her saving all of us here at Pawsitive Beginnings. 

Mo was surrendered to the farm 13 years ago and quickly became the mascot and could often be seen with Farmer Jeanne Selander at events all up and down the Keys. He greeted visitors at every open house, charmed adults and children alike, and would literally pose for photos once he saw those cameras come out, I’m told (kind of like yours truly).

My mom told me that Mo’s favorite food was fruits, like plum and nectarine, and he also loved corn on the cob. I never got a chance to meet Mo when I visited the farm. Something about foxes and sloths probably not getting along. 

I’ll tell you all a super secret secret about animals, we have a magic power. We can change lives and hearts just by being who we are. Animals don’t judge humans. We don’t care about the past, we don’t know what the future even is, we just take life one day at a time. Moment by moment, and are quite literally just happy to be part of your life. Sure, sometimes we (me) can be sassy and stubborn, but that’s just how it goes. So I’m sure when you lose us, we take a piece of you when we go, but just remember, that feeling is mutual.

So Mo, may you cruise at sloth speed over the rainbow bridge and have all the fruit and corn you can dream of. The other animals that have gone before you will surely be waiting to greet you and I know your human Jeanne will see you again some day.

Thank you for bringing joy to thousands of people all over the world, even if they never met you, we are all better for having known you.

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Reef was born on a fur farm on or around March 28, 2021. He was able to be rescued when his mother and siblings started to reject him. Reef is missing toes on his front, right paw and the tip of his tail is missing due to injuries sustained in his short time on the fur farm. Reef arrived at Key Largo on May 6, 2021 by Nicole Navarro, of Pawsitive Beginnings Inc.