Snoop Dogg did it, Matthew McConaughey most likely will, but Jimmy Buffett? The Keys’ Jimmy Buffett? Yes, the man who turned a cheeseburger in paradise into a billion-dollar business has a new “joint” venture. Buffett has struck a licensing deal with the medical marijuana giant Surterra Wellness to develop, market and merchandise medical marijuana products under the brand Coral Reefer. Coral Reefer, the longtime name of his band and parent company, almost was too good a fit for the devil’s lettuce. Profit-loving Buffett saw the perfect opportunity and is cashing in on the future of marijuana products. Willie Nelson already did, of course, and saw $30 million in profits by January 2018.

Buffett chose to partner with Surterra Wellness, founded in 2014, one of the fastest growing and leading medical cannabis companies in the US. Surterra also has one of the few marijuana licenses in Florida and plans to launch products like in 2019.

In Surterra’s press release on Sept. 11 about the deal, Buffett said, “Finally, ‘the time has come,’ as the Walrus said. That time being the long overdue recognition of the numerous healing properties of cannabis. I have followed and studied with keen intensity the recent evolvement of the medical marijuana story and the path towards the simple common-sense conclusion that cannabis is good medicine and should be made available to all who need it.” Buffett was also a large supporter of the medical marijuana bill being passed in Florida before the deal.

A symbol of paradise music, beach vibes and umbrella drinks, it feels fitting for Buffett to add the Caribbean cabbage to the Margaritaville lifestyle brand. But will it go without a few silly stoner jokes? Not likely. It begs the reference to the Keys’ own Jimmy Johnson and his endorsement for Extenze, a penile enhancement pill. When he proudly hitched his Johnson name to small penises everywhere, the internet sacked him, to say the least. So will Parrotheads bogart that joint or stick to nibblin’ on sponge cake and watchin’ the sun bake? So far, being wasted away in Margaritaville has paid off big-time for Buffett, with products like tequila, rums and Landshark beer, so most likely, a “coral” reefer will too.

But really, didn’t everyone think the Doobie Brothers would be first on board?

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