On May 13, seven Keys elementary schools traveled to the Key West High School track to compete at the annual fifth grade track meet held by Key West’s Masonic Lodge No. 64. Horace O’Bryant, Poinciana, Gerald Adams, Grace Lutheran, Basilica School, Sugarloaf and Stanley Switlik brought their best athletes to toe the line in the 60, 100 and 400 meter dashes, 4x100m relay, softball throw, standing broad jump and tug of war. 

Gerald Adams Elementary School won the overall top trophy, taller than many of the competitors, for the third year in a row, making a nice departing gesture for longtime principal Fran Herrin, who will retire at the end of the school year. The event was Herrin’s 35th. Sugarloaf School was the runner-up and Stanley Switlik traveled the farthest, bringing an entire cheering section to help the school’s squad claim the sportsmanship award.

Girls Results

60 Meter Dash
1stJemima JosephPoinciana
2ndAlice BensonSugarloaf
3rdBella EdwardsGerald Adams
100 Meter Dash
1stAlice O’ConnorSugarloaf
2ndFresnica PierreGerald Adams
3rdMaren ShepardSugarloaf
400 Meter Dash
1stNora O’HearnHOB
2ndMilly SantiagoSwitlik
3rdAlice O’ConnorSugarloaf
4x100m Relay
1stBella Edwards, Francesca Fellini, Christelle Agenord, Fresnica PierreGerald Adams
2ndPresley Graham, Kenley Rey, Mikenzi Sessem, Alice BensonSugarloaf
3rdAshley Strama, Italy Gale, Fantine Mendez, Shaina RobinsonSwitlik
Softball Throw
1stShaina RobinsonSwitlik
2ndKinzley MooreGerald Adams
3rdKassandra PerdigonGerald Adams
Standing Broad Jump
1stMikenzi SessomSugarloaf
2ndBella EdwardsGerald Adams
3rdFrenica Pierre Louis Gerald Adams
Tug of War
1stDiane Pierre, Kassandra Perdigon, Jaelyn Estevez, Nicole Escoria, Ellie Blanco Uth FleurstinGerald Adams
2ndSanaika Decimy, Kyla Doughtery, Kamia Gale, Elise Hightower, Rebecca Guzman, Adrianna StubbsHOB
3rdMikenzi Sessom, Ellen Van Aller, Kenley Rey, Bella Ortega, Alice O’Connor, Sophia TsitlidzeSugarloaf

Boys Results

60 Meter Dash
1stChristian RodriguezHOB
2ndCarlton HowardGerald Adams
3rdPierre DavisGerald Adams
100 Meter Dash
1stCarlton HowardGerald Adams
2ndDeon CartwrightGerald Adams
3rdSteevensen FelixPoinciana
400 Meter Dash
1stJonathon Sharpe Sugarloaf
2ndKolten WrightSwitlik
3rdAnthony RodriguezGerald Adams
4x100m Relay
1stDeon Cartwright, Jean Jean Johnley, Pierre Davis, Anthony Rodriguez Gerald Adams
2ndMiles Murphy, Maverick McDonald, Antony Barrera, Kolten WrightSwitlik
3rdSteevensen Felix, Wilkensen Carius, Lawrence Mutial, Eddy BrutusPoinciana
Softball Throw
1stMason WaldnerGerald Adams
2ndMiles MurphySwitlik
3rdJimmy McCainHOB
Standing Broad Jump
1stJonathon SharpeSugarloaf
2ndMason MillerSugarloaf
3rdKolten Wright Switlik
Tug of War
1stYaniel Teixeira, Julian Carrazana, Delante Wilson, Devin Henderson, Jimmy McCain, Cayden GonzalezHOB
2ndRode Toussaint, Chay Blanco, Eddy Brutus, Ben Kerry Noel, Lefnel Orelus, Gael CisnerosPoinciana
3rdMason Miller, Jonathon Sharpe, Marshall Johnson, Noah Taylor, Deon Cartwright (GAE), Angel Hernandez De Leon (HOB)Sugarloaf
Tracy McDonald fled to the Keys from the frozen mountains of Pennsylvania hours after graduating from college and never looked back. She is a second generation coach and educator, and has taught in the public school system for over 25 years. She and her husband met at a beginning teacher meeting in 1997 and have three children born and raised in Monroe County. In her free time, McDonald loves flea markets, historical fiction and long runs in the heat.